Monday, August 16, 2010


Spring is coming soon. What joy!

I've been desperate to pot a dwarf apple tree we bought some months ago that was threatening to become root bound and finally I did it! I planted the tree in a big ceramic pot and, as suggested by mum, planted some violets around the base of the tree.

The tree at the moment looks like a stick in a pot because it has no leaves but the flowers are so lovely!!

In a bid to distract our Little Man from plucking off the flowers, I set him the task of watering the plants (all three of them!) and he LOVED it! I have a little watering can for him and he happily drowned the chives and parsley and watered the balcony tiles as well.

He's been teething lately with three molars coming up and this was a happy distraction for him.

He ended up naked, sopping wet and loving it, till he slipped on the tiles and hurt his hands and it all ended in tears!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Final Reno Post

My final post about Ben's renovations is his Magnum Opus, the storage room behind the garage.

I'm very annoyed that I took no 'before' shots, but if you can imagine it was a dark, dingy basement-like room, which had exposed, cobwebbed brick walls and a dusty concrete floor.

Now it's very different:

The walls were very hard to paint because the brick was so porus.

He painstakingly painted the floor and then one by one stencilled the Fleur-de-lis over the top.

Now it's ready to go on the market!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I'm back!

After some severe morning sickness and a bout of Gastro to boot, I am now somewhat back to normal and have the energy to blog again!

My sister and I think we caught the Gastro bug from some sour cream that we had with wedges at a cafe. It could have been much worse than a few days of (extra) vomiting and the runs, so I'm thankful for that :-) A few days in bed was the best remedy.

I've been wanting to post some more about Ben's work on our flat and one of the major things he did was to paint the brick veneer wall in our living room. The dark brick made that part of the room a gloomy space and was somewhat dated. 

Ben used  Porter's Paints interior Limewash and had a big job with the porus brick absorbing all the paint.

After all his hard work, the wall came up a treat and the room looks much more spacious now.