Saturday, December 3, 2011

signing off till the New Year

I realise with some guilt that it's been several months since I've posted!

We accepted a rural relief position for Ben to work in Queanbeyan for a month in October. It was exciting and fun, but also caused our Little Man to become very unsettled and to go off his food. Sailor was still having breast milk then, and not being able to tolerate it was also very unhappy, and things have only just calmed down now so we've had our hands full!

Now we are off to spend Christmas with my in-laws in WA, so I'll be signing off until the new year.

My apologies to Vicky for not checking my blog for comments - I'd like some time to think about the homeschooling resources meme. It is somehting that I have thought about a lot in the past, as I have found it very hard to know what to do with children under two (at least it was that way with Little Man). And it's true, there does not seem to be much written about preschoolers. Perhaps because those years fly by so quickly?

I always have so much to write about in my head, but finding the time to open a computer at the moment is very hard. When the day is over and the children are in bed I have so little precious free time, I tend to prefer reading to writing. I'm looking forward to jotting down all my thoughts on our break and blogging again in January!!