Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Nine months later...

I do believe it's been nine months since my last post... The reason? Pregnancy equals illness for me and while this time round it has not been as bad, I had no energy to do anything but the bare minimum. I am not one of those ladies who glows!

So our gorgeous little boy number 2 (aka Sailor Boy) was born on the 8th of Feb 2011 in a fantastic speedy delivery of 30 minutes. No time even to get to the gas! Two days later I was struck down with Bell's Palsy and rushed off to hospital after dinner with a numb left side of face and an uneasy feeling that I had suffered a stroke.

More on all this another day, but suffice to say that after three weeks of looking creepily like I'd had a botox job gone wrong, with a permanently open left eye, I slowly began to get some movement back, Thank God my face is now back to normal.

Our little bubba is now four months old and despite being a very refluxy baby is starting to settle down

Now, I can start to think about blogging and crafting and reading!



Erin said...

Oh my, how frightening!! but congrats on Sailor boy:)

Sarah said...

Thanks Erin! Also thanks for linking to me from Seven Little Australians. I have loved reading your blog for a few years now and I have learned so much. Congratulations also on the birth of adorable Bass :)

Therese said...

so glad you are okay. It must have been super frightening.

So glad you are back into blogging. Sailor boy was born just a day after Joseph turned 1.

Sarah said...

Thanks for the welcome Therese! Well happy birthday to Joseph for the 7th of Feb! Wow, it doesn't seem that long ago that I reading on your blog about his pending birth.