Friday, July 29, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday (1)

 Woohoo! My first 7 Quick Takes! This might be a good way for me to get some rhythm into my blogging and recording what's been going on in the week.

Thanking God for looking after Ben as he and 99 other firefighters battled a huge fruit shop blaze the other night. It was an all-night job and they didn't get a wink of beauty sleep as they struggled to contain the fire. A rare occasion! Yes, more often than not Ben comes home from work with  more stories of what he saw on TV (Destroyed in Seconds) and what workout he did in the gym (rowing machine)  than what fires he fought. Or do I just more easily remember his Destroyed in Seconds stories?

Loving laughing as our Little Man comes to grips with the English language. A bit of a slow developer, it's exciting to see him apply rules to language construction such as using verbs to create nouns (asking for scissors by calling them "Cuts"). Pronunciation is a little bit off: when he saw the enormity of a hill he had to climb, he cried "Oh Hell!"

Our Sailor Boy is almost 6 months! augh! I haven't recorded any of his developments so far, He simply cries too much for us to relax and enjoy him 100%. He is on an antacid which I must say has helped him a lot but he could be a lot better. It's heartrending to hear him cry inconsolably with the pain. Hopefully as he starts to eat more solids he will improve. Having said that when he is well, he is a happy, alert little boy who loves to grab at everything and he has a very winning smile!

Huzzah! My sister is coming to visit in a couple of weeks. Looking forward to swapping baby stories.

Ben found a way to get the most out of a bunch of shallots that you buy at the veg shop: keep an inch or two of the white part and roots, stick them in a jar of diluted carp fertiliser (only about a few centimetres), put them in your kitchen windowsill and watch them shoot up in days!

This week I handed in the number plates to the Volvo that my Grandmother gave me (may she Rest in Peace). What a little gem of a car that was! It's body was getting pretty rusty and the wiring fell apart in the mechanic's hands but by golly that little car could go! Sadly since we got our new car (ie, repairable write-off people mover) we haven't driven the Volvo and now it doesn't go at all. Best thing we could do was sell 'er for scrap. Sigh!

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