Friday, August 12, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday (2)

Sailor has taken reflux to a whole new level. He was like a little spurting fountain today, and if anyone wanted to know how he was, all they had to do was to look at my curdled milk-covered jumper. His medication only mildly helps, my restricted diet is not enough, and he won't take the bottle. There. I said it. Now on to happier happenings...

I've been enjoying reading about permaculture over the last few months. The broad concept excites me very much. It makes one consider elements of the whole property before even deciding where to build your house. Not that we have a property, but it's so fun to think about it! I like to imagine chicken tractors and braod beans growing up the clothes line. I definitely don't like the Earth worship aspects of it though.

Speaking of gardening our broad beans are starting to flower with the run of warm sunny days we've had, and Ben has just put potatoes in the second planter box. Neither of our thumbs are green so we're hoping for the best!

It was the third wedding anniversary this week. We had some time to reflect on those three years and we both agree that that time has gone quickly and yet it seems so much longer as we've moved house twice and had two children in those years. We also agreed that our marriage is getting happier and happier as time goes on. Yay!

So we had a treat and went to a cafe to celebrate our anniversary and as if to mark how married we really are, I spent time at the table nursing a grunting baby, while Ben was off with Little Man looking at some fish in the cafe pond... And we both declared what a lovely time it was! I think it's the mutual smiles of understanding that we gave over out children's heads that make it special.

Little Man is obsessed with fire engines at the moment, especially a certain cartoon that involves a talking fire truck. Every time he gets up from a sleep he is instantly talking about an episode, or is it all the episodes at once? Hard to tell with his limited vocabulary. Something about bells, hiccups and storms. I've come to rely on this cartoon to keep him calm while Sailor is screaming in the background. It allows Little Man to zone out of the loud baby and reduces his stress.I'm hoping Sailor will start feeling better soon, though, so I can direct Little Man to other activities.

I'm sampling cloth nappies (diapers) on Sailor and I'm very happy with the results: less of a red bottom, and not as many leaks as I thought would happen. I don't know if they'll be all that much cheaper than disposables, but I hate the idea of all the chemicals in those nappies leaching into their little bottoms.


Athanasius contra mundum said...

Happy anniversary!

Liz said...

Have you investigated the possibility that you have oversupply? My daughter was a veritable fountain until I tried block feeding. It didn't completely eliminate the problem, but it reduced it down to a much more manageable level and she was a much happier baby.

Sometimes you just haven't hit the right restricted diet. Most people eliminate dairy, and maybe eggs, but sometimes it's something different like soy that's the problem. A lot of the time moms eliminate cow's milk and substitute soy milk, not realizing that soy can be as powerful an allergen as dairy. Since soy is in so many processed foods it would be really easy to already have a soy sensitivity. Not saying that's an issue in your case, just another possibility.

Hope you and the baby both get some relief soon.

Sarah said...

Thank you Athanasius Contra Mundum!

Sarah said...

Hi Liz, how are you? Thanks for the tips. Is block feeding the same as posture feeding? I've eliminated pretty much all there is to take out from my diet that might possibly be a problem. Gluten, dairy, soy, and naturally occuring chemicals in foods: amines and salicylates. Apparrently he's a very sensitive boy! Thanks for your very kind thoughts. Any suggestions are welcome! Sarah