Friday, September 2, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday (4)

I had the joy today of meeting up with some Catholic homeschoolers in my area. I have much to be thankful for in the welcoming kindness of them and their beautiful families.

Our Little Man has recovered from his bad cold and is back to his happy, cheerful self. His appetite has returned and he enjoyed a piece of gluten free bread so much that he let out a huge operatic "Breaaaaaaaaad!" to prove it.

Speaking of Little Man, his speech is improving after a shaky start. He is more frequently stringing three words together "look digger there", "where man hat?", "daddy robot fix?" and in the last month or two he has been much more able to repeat words we say.

We have been able to learn a lot more about his thought processes now that he can express himself verbally. When he wakes up from a sleep saying "Finley bell broken there" we now know that he has been dreaming about his favourite episode of that Fire Engine cartoon. Ahhh the innocence of childhood!

Sailor has his own little personality at 7 months. He's a determined little fellow as he refuses to be weaned onto hypoallergenic formula, much to my chagrin. We are using the softly softly approach.

He is a happy boy (when he's not in reflux pain) and he laughs at anything his brother does to/with him. Little Man had him doing 'tummy time' on his tummy today (closely supervised!). He has a very cute low chuckle and a twinkly smile.

If he's not getting enough attention (after two minutes of no one looking at him!) he lets out an official sounding "Hey!" to remind us of his presence.

Is there a little bit of a temper peeping though there? He seems to get frustrated easily if he has to wait for anything, letting out a high-pitched squeal which I must admit, speeds me up!

The potatoes Ben planted a week or so ago are starting to come up with strong-looking seedlings. I wonder how many potatoes are produced per potato planted?

Ben has finally received his gun licence after MONTHS of patient waiting. He is now eagerly perusing gun catalogues to buy his weapon of choice. For me, it's more a case of being happy for him rather than with him as I tend to associate guns with murderers and insurgents and suchlike. Also images of being a rifle range widow pop into my head now and then... but really, after all a man has to have a hobby and he's looking forward to scaring off marauders trying to steal our chickens after the global economy collapses... One must have one's pleasures in life!

Tomorrow is the first Saturday of the month. I want to start doing Our Lady of Fatima's First Saturday Devotions. If I don't try I'll never get there!


Vicky said...

We so enjoyed meeting you, yesterday, Sarah. It was lovely to see your beautiful baby and to be able to chat with you!:)

Vicky said...

I've just tagged you for the homeschool resources meme, Sarah. I hope that's okay with you. It would be good to hear from your perspective with your little preschoolers. Sometimes, we get so caught up in the needs of our older children that we don't think so deeply about resources for the younger ones - they just use what their siblings before them used.

I hope you and your family are all well, Sarah:)