Monday, April 2, 2012

Wagga Wagga adventures

We recently spent a few weeks in the largest inland town in New South Wales... Wagga Wagga!

Ben was doing some work there and the trip perfectly coincided with flooding in the area. Above, you can see the flood plains of the Murrumbidgee living up to their name. The town centre, north, west, and east Wagga were evacuated but luckily we were in the southern end of town which is higher up. Luckily, the levies were about half a meter higher than the flood peak and the centre of town did not get innundated.

The boys (all three of them) loved the aviation museum at Temora. It was so wet that day that the rain was coming in sideways and I thought we'd be spending the night there because even the LOCALS were worried about road floods, but we made it back to Wagga alright.

The roundhouse train museum at Junee was a favourite with all of us and we even got to see the turntable in action! Sailor didn't seem especially impressed at the time, but later when the boys were watching Thomas the Tank Engine, he hooted excitedly in recognition of the steam trains.

At Blowering Dam in the Snowy Mountains we tried to see how far we could throw rocks into the water and Little Man loved throwing the clay chunks and seeing them explode on the embankment. Sailor slept in the car.

I fell in love with this town during our stay. The people are so friendly, there are no traffic jams, a great public swimming pool, beautiful surrounding countryside, and best of all there's heaps of Catholics there!

Here's hoping we get back there one day...


Vicky said...

Beautiful photos, Sarah! The sepia photo of your two boys is just lovely.

I didn't realise that Wagga had so many Catholics, although I do know of a couple of families who started a school for Catholics there.

I'm glad you were safe from the floods - I can't believe how much rain we had, this summer!

God bless:)

Sarah said...

Thanks Vicky! The beauty of digital is that the chance of getting a good shot is very high! Re Wagga it seems they had a fantastic bishop in the Riverina for many years and there was a boom in religious vocations. A recent pro life conference in Albury (same diocese) was the biggest yet in Australia - very exciting!