Friday, May 14, 2010

baby development

It's amazing to think that our little one was not too long ago a little helpless baby in our arms.

Now, at 1 year old it's astounding to see him walk all over our flat, pick up and put down things that he's interested in, and babble to himself.

He is at the moment very keen on putting things into other things - something that I hope he has been learning from me as I am constantly putting his toys back into various boxes so that he can pull them out.

He now throws bath toys into the water, moves objects from one bowl to another, puts toys into their appropriate boxes, and less appropriately, puts his drinking cup into his bowl of food.

What I was most thrilled to see him to this week was to place a red straw into a red cup, and a green straw into a green cup. I've been modelling this for a few weeks now and he seems to have caught on!


ThingsBeyondThings said...

He is so gorgeous!
He's changed since we saw him at Easter so much.

jeanette said...

HI Sarah! How lovely to see you and your beautiful boy on this blog. My 'little one' was 15 today. We had an RS games revision party as they all have their RS GCSE on Tuesday. I'm not sure how much revising actually took place but we had a good time despite the non stop British rain. I love your blog. How do you find the time!
I think of you often Sarah even though I don't write.

I'll look forward to seeing more of your posts.

Love Jeanette xxx

Sarah said...

Thanks Jeanette! Great to hear from you. Happy Birthday to Jose. I hope it was a happy one. Love to you all. Sarah