Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Latest news

We've been quite busy here lately and here are a few things that have been happening:

1. Our Little Man was sick with a 39 degree cel. temperature on Sunday. It was his first 'big' illness, poor thing! He lay in our arms all day and was burning hot. We took him to Emergency and they said we could wait 3.5 hours or go home and see if he get better, so we went home and after a somewhat disturbed night he was better the next day.

2. I'm pregnant! Seven weeks so far. I've been vomiting as usual but this time I seem to be able to keep it more under control with Maxolon and vitamin B6 tablets. Please pray that all goes well with the pregnancy!

3. My ever-resourceful husband has amped up the renovations on our flat and in between work, caring for me, and helping our with our Little Man, he's been painting, fixing lights and chipping off the cork veneer from the kitchen walls. An amazing man!

I'll be posting pictures of what he's done to the place when I get my act together.

4. I've joined a FANTASTIC mother's group which answers all I'd been looking for in a group. There are many mothers connected to my Catholic primary school and they are all fun-loving yet take their faith seriously, and many want to homeschool! What's more they are lovely ladies.


Abby said...

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Will be praying for you and the new little one, as well as your husband and son. Glad to hear he recovered ok from his first major cold. My daughter was sick for nearly three weeks the first time she caught a cold... she wasn't super sick, just the main symptom of the cold that she caught was a three week stuffy nose. I was sick with it as well, and it was pretty rough getting up to "steam" her at night because she couldn't breathe for weeks (not to mention, our electric bill went through the roof from heating all the shower water!).

Glad that you found a mom's group, as well. I'm looking for one around here but am having a hard time.. the only one I've found so far meets late in the evening (7 pm) which would interfere with my daughter's bedtime, and doesn't seem all that friendly to moms bringing along their little ones. I may need to start a group :P

Mum2eight said...

congratulations. Prayers for a happy and healthy nine months.

So does that make you due in February? Joseph will be 1 next February.

Sarah said...

Thanks Therese! I would really appreciate your prayers. I'm due on the 16th of Feb. I followed your blog through your pregnancy and it's lovely to see photos of Joseph now!

Sarah said...

Hi Abby! Thanks for your congratulations!

It was strange with our son - he didn't have a cold at all, just a fever. It was so sad to see him all limp. But he's back to normal now, thank God.

Sounds like a good idea about starting a mother's group. Perhaps through church? 7pm is a bit wierd!